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Where endearing begins

 Francesca's perfumes are larvae that take off layers of translucent skin and slowly metamorphose into a colorful butterfly. We just have to have patience to experience the change, as to all the greatest things in life, to the magic that transports us to a fantasy world, as a an ensemble of many carefully arranged parts and delightful details.   Luxe Calme Volupte opens a door previously locked in Francesca's complex and obscure range of fragrances, a door that makes mundane pleasures visible into its wearer's eye, because it's the easiest one to be loved (liked would be an understatement). Even so, it keeps alive Francesca's recognizable signature. It's like that perfect tailored piece of clothing that although adapts well for anyone's type of body, not everyone ends up looking good in it.     Alluring and intoxicating, disguised as intentionally unobtrusive with a soothing effect, Luxe Calme Volupte swifts from citrusy-fruity-tart-bitter-green to floral

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