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Daydream, Cabaret Nocturne

Cabaret Nocturne's inspiration lays in a bar, once a brothel, in Lisbon, named Pensão Amor, "a vibrant venue where the young go to enjoy themselves. Drinks are poured, glances are exchanged. The ambiance and decadent decor whisper dark secrets of the ghosts that still live within these walls". (From V/isiteur`s website.) 
  The place must have witnessed day and night debauchery that would raise an eyebrow (or various) from the traditional-mindset people, even nowadays. Cabaret Nocturne was love at first everything that grew in time and distance. I've smelt this special tuberose and retest it various times during 2018 and the idea of it stuck with me ever since and it became a reality recently, when by the generosity and kindness of Janne, i was able to relive its scent again and it's just as beautiful as i remember it. Personally, i feel Cabaret Nocturne as a day perfume that smells like night - indécence at its finest at the light of the day. (By the way, have i…

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