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Jorum Studio (overview)

So many positive reviews on Jorum Studio's line made my curiosity tremble a bit until i finally got the chance to test it and this is my experience, you might find it different from the others'.Trimerous or "three parts" Goddess. Trimerous seems like a frutier/lactonic take on the original Dior Homme and its lipstick-powder core. Its opening reflects into a beautiful sweet and milky apricoty aroma (peach plus orange do that) over the suede and the powdery side of the fragrance - and togheter it almost gives the feeling of Osmanthus. Bitter aromatics step in (thyme and a bit of camphoraceous lavender) - without taking over with their strong and pungent smell - to contribute with their herbaceous touch and give Trimerous an overtone of "wildness". Whiffs of smoke spark through the fragrance's bone with low intensity but present enough to make itselves noticeable (togheter with the peachy fruitiness and the suede accord makes me think of the alluring Tian …

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