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Gaea by Centauri Perfumes

Someday, after Chaos opened wide.

-  Mother?
Her dark eyes measured the last hope they had - her youngest son. Chromos has to accept her plan. She went through the worse to liberate him. Oh, he loved power, and the power loved him back.
- My dear son, come closer. Her hand meet his in a warm yet cold touch. The pain was excruciating. I need you to do something for me. For us.
- On the almighty Uranus, I'd do anything for you, mother!
A moment of silence took over her thoughts. How do i tell him? Directly. He's not a boy anymore, he'll soon rule over the world.
- We need to get rid of your father.
His expression suddenly changed to bewildered.
- We are doomed to a prisoned life as long as Uranus has the power. You know that. Your brothers are tormented, says, looking at her womb, i can't endure more pain than already have.
Chromos was confused.
Would he dare to expose me to Uranus? He knows what's best for him. He won't.
- Alright. I'll do it. Tell me how.     …

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