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What do i smell like, as lately?

Is Miguel Matos an artist that transforms the visual into olfactive, shaping figures as molecules?
La Piscine. Don't dive in if you are expecting just an aquatic. This more like a tank hanging on a wall to be admired by those understanding uncanny art. Experimental is how Miguel describes it. I'd say a step away from past`s reality, a jump into the imaginary. La Piscine is washed childhood memories in chlorine dreams. The odor of a communist swimming pool takes over to sensorially pulling my head underwater into a poverty contrasting the all-covered in 24k gold mosaic interior pool of the ruler and the abundance of his entourage. The myth of being poor but happy in a world of cages and limitations was preserved in moldy walls, green waters, dark soil, wet-hair and chlorine skin and it floats in La Piscine unbothered by the pass of time. I can see it on the wall.

Doraphilia. My grandmother, Dida, was a woman ahead of her times. Orphan at an early age, she grew up in her grandmot…

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