lunes, junio 25, 2018

I hate when people don't understand my love and obsession... sorry, passion for you.

I hate that even though I'm crazy about you sometimes you give a sh... about my skin.

I hate when people use you like there's no tomorrow nor other people around them.

I hate the fact that even though the perfumers' pallette nowadays includes hundred of materials, not all of them are creative enough to make you look original and unique.

I hate that since i met your niche side i kinda turned myself into a snob.

I hate IFRA for always messing up with you.

I hate when you try to make me jealous by not loving my skin and instead adore other's.

I hate the way you are playing with my feelings when they say that you'll be discontinued, reformulated and later  on relaunched. Make up your mind!

I hate when you are cheating me with so many people and i can smell you everywhere.

I hate when you're acting way too unnatural and give me lot of headaches.

I hate when they make you look like someone i already know and sell you with another pretentious name.

I hate when they discontinue you because you're not a good seller and all the sudden people that never knew you even existed start to venerate like you are a God.

I hate their way of storytelling, how they invent amazing and many times absurd stories about you... and you are nothing but a regular guy.

I hate when i blind buy you and you are not what i thought you would be.

I hate the fact that most of the times i have to buy you online and wait for you for days to arrive.

I hate when they sell you as a luxury good when you actually are like the Emperor's new clothes.

I hate when they rise your price without any justification.

I hate your power to store my memories in folders so well hidden in my subconscious that i had no idea they even existed.

And most of all i hate the fact that i can't hate you, not even in your worst formula.

jueves, junio 21, 2018

Chapeau Bleu - Marina Picasso

ESP:  La primera y la única fragancia creada por la nieta de Picasso - Marina en colaboración con el perfumista Arturetto Landi fue Chapeau Bleu, un perfume inspirado en la obra de Pablo - Busto de mujer (Buste de Femme), obra de arte que también se refleja en el gorro pintado a mano.
Aunque está categorizado como floral oriental (bergamota, fresia, boronia, notas verdes y mandarina, osmanthus, violeta y durazno, jazmín, nardo, ylang-ylang, rosa, lirio de los valles, orquídea, almizcle, sándalo, ámbar, bálsamo de Tolú , vainilla, algalia y caramelo), Chapeau Bleu huele a un chipre clásico con matices afrutados.
Es una fragancia extraña pero compleja, creada con éxito a partir de una mezcla muy interesante y profunda combinando elementos bastante opuestos: fría y cálida, limpia y sucia, fresca y balsámica, donde las frutas y las flores se mezclan con una base verde y musgosa un toque de azúcar caramelizado a casi quemado y una pizca de civeta que ensucia lo limpio. Definitivamente único y extraño.

ENG:  The first and only fragrance ever created by Picasso's granddaughter - Marina in collaboration with perfumer Arturetto Landi was Chapeau Bleu, a perfume inspired by Pablo's work - Bust of a Woman (Buste de Femme), work art also reflected on the handmade painted cap that adornes the blue bottle.
Although categorized as an oriental floral (bergamot, freesia, boronia, green notes, and mandarin , osmanthus, violet and peach; jasmine, tuberose, ylang-ylang, rose, lily of the valley, orchid; musk, sandalwood, amber, tolu balsam, vanilla, civet and caramel), Chapeau Bleu smells like a classic chypre with fruity nuances.
It's an odd yet complex fragrance, successfully created from a very interesting and profound blend by combining quite opposite elements - cold and warm, clean and dirty, fresh and balsamic, where fruits and flowers mingle to a sharp and pungent green and mossy base with just a touch of caramel with a melted sugar frost and just a pinch of civet to wash the cleanliness away. Definitely unique, strange and very personal.