Love, scents and poetry

  I always feel inspired by scents. Inspired to write, to dream, to live, to smile.

  Besides perfumes, as many of you may already know, I love to write. My sister was one of the first people that gave wings to start this blog, and I'll always be grateful to her for being here for me, always and no matter what. That's love.

  Love is another feeling that inspires me. Love in its different ways and aspects. When combined with scents, love can give birth to the most romantic thrills of pure joy and happiness. A barefoot dance at dawn, in the morning dew, whirling on the green grass.

  Mostly evocative of childhood images, perfumes are an important aspect of my daily life, helping me to associate memories to theirs scents and creating an imaginary album based on their aromas, my own photolfactivealbum.

  Selperniku is one of those scents that inspires love. Love and poetry. It's like a hug when most needed, a word of wisdom or a warm whisper, a whiff of optimism that has been delicately created to serve its purpose: to enlighten one's spirit.


Under the milky sky,
the green fields swirl in the whispers' wind.

On an ever dewy Summer morning,
the birds sing lively a never ending symphony.

It rains grains of pollen,
bees made from white flowers
like nectar of the love they share.

Your love follows my steps into the future's lost innocence,
your hands are my passport to ecstasy.

I walk as I fly without even touching the soft ground,
with wings grown from the passion in your eyes.

Your face is my memory and your soft salty kisses are like mouthwatering freshly picked apricots.

If only everyone else knew that your essence is pure happiness,
they wouldn't stop inhaling it every second of their lives.

Breathless, without you.

There's nothing more beautiful than the smell of fresh apricots picked right from the tree... juicy, creamy, buttery and salty little wonders... the smell of happiness itself.


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