Svensk Parfym

  Virke, Prakt and Stilla are the first three creations of Svensk Parfym - a simple, yet elegant and very natural smelling perfume line inspired by Sweden and its nature, landscapes, culture and history. There is nothing complicated about it, all the contrary it all are very easy to wear fragrances based on the best raw materials, carefully and meticulously blended by the hand of Henrik Lestréus.

 I like challenging when it comes to fragrances, I often like to fight and struggle with their scents in order to understand its deepest meaning and translate it to my flesh.
The challenging, the better.
But it's the simplest things that make life easier and even more beautiful. And although simples, Svensk fragrances are​ far of leaving anyone indifferent.
Svensk Parfym brought a genuine joy into my life and put a big smile onto my face because their easy to go scents woke up long forgotten moments of my past... the complex simplicity of afar memories I guess. For me it's nature captured in a bottle. The familiar smell of the country side, of the village where I used to spend my endless Summer vacations, the same Nature that my grandparents introduced me to and teach me how to always love and respect. Blurring images pop out of my visual memory` archive, images of me as a running barefoot child on the wet ground of the garden on a dewy morning, the smell of fresh raspberries i ripped directly of the plants and of the green grass squashed under my tiny feet.
It's all about that strange and pleasant emotion of childhood`s remembrance that perfumes awake in us. The power of the scent to make us revive the past in its best possible way. Oh, sweet child of mine!

Virke (timber in Swedish) is a raspberry unisex fragrance with a dry woody and clean musk core. The raspberry accord in a fragrance is a complex one and it's quite complicated to archive a natural feeling of it, but somehow (👏) Henrik managed to craft it at its very best in Virke. Hollow and fragile just picked up raspberries with its tart sweet almost floral taste invading your senses to the fullest.

Prakt, splendour in Swedish, is the smell of a freshly baked sweet pie in the morning after a rainy night, when the sun starts to smile shyly amidst the dark clouds. Blackcurrant`s leaves and fruits, gooseberries, rhubarb and apples deliciously satiate your hunger with a glimpse of sunshine and specks of wet soil. Realistic greenery lying on a wet bed of earthy fruitiness that creates the most optimistic state of mind, training your spirit into a very enjoyable experience. Uplifting indeed. Splendour in the grass.

Not sweet, neither floral Stilla (calm in Swedish language) is a freshly cut lavender scent with menthol whiffs and silent hints of woods and musk.
  Rough and cold lavender slowly squeezed into your hands that fulfil your sinuses inducing one of the best calming effect through its magic scenery. One of the most realistic lavender i've ever had the chance to smell. A beautiful olfactive experience.
Keep Stilla and collect memories through scents!

Edit: Three new perfumes were added to the line in 2017:

En (juniper) - an ode to the Swedish juniper, is a fragrance that plays around the pinewood and its green slightly minty aspects that beds down on a base of dry yet sweet woody, spicy and mossy earthiness (pinewood, juniper berries, juniper wood, black pepper, tobacco and oak moss).
Sadel - it's a boozy, sweet and resinous scent that reminds me of those old oakwood barrels that my grandfather used to keep a strong alcoholic drink made of grapes leftovers in (leather, butterscotch, caramel, vanilla and tobacco). Sadel is Swedish for saddle.
Skymning (dusk in Swedish) - any powdery fragrances lover's dream! The big candied violet sky with glimpses of green clouds reflected on a sea of silken iris and soft white musk.

You can find Svensk Parfym right here, if you are interested in.


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