Oh, boy, this is a mature Nina Simone in concert while suddenly leaving the stage with her spellbinding and troubled diva personality, in a simple black dress matched with her wonderful "queen" necklace. The crowd is calling her back on stage with their unstoppable applause and ovations.
 She makes her appearance once again in order to perfom the last song of the night - Stars, but not before she addresses the public. She's tired, she says " don't understand... I'm quite aware that I left you hanging. I really don't do that. [...] the only way to tell you who I am these days is to sing a song by Janice Ian." And starts to sing in her usual magnificent, arrogat, bizarre and breathtakingly beautiful way while playing softly the piano: "Stars, they come and go, they come fast, they come slow/They go like the last light of the sun, all in a blaze/And all you see is glory/Hey but it gets lonely there when there's no one there to share/We can shake it away, if you'll hear a story."
Unique celebration of her great spirit. If I only were on the guest list!

Unique composition of: coriander, Ceylon cardamom, jasmine absolute, Indian carnation, Turkish rose, rose from Grasse, Massif Central oakmoss, Indonesian patchouli, sandalwood of the Indies.


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