Was born on a May day out of a crystalline droplet of dew, just when the first rays of the morning were cutting through the gloominess of the night. As soon as her eyes were wide opened, measuring it all around for the first time through its translucent pupils, a dream-like image opened before her. Slowly, let herself slip over the palm leaf until she touched the ground with her small leaves feet. The grass was tickling the blue sky. Tall pines, like shadows devouring the light throughout the blooming trees while fulfilling the air with their penetrating scent, a sea of green shinning shy under the Sun's reflection, and birds singing lively among unopened buds, singing her arrival. It has been a while since the last drop of dew had fallen, the cold and the darkness seem to finally rise up, leaving room for the light, for the Sun to shine again. Even the night was different without its light, the sky missed its radiance and the stars stopped shining, covering it all in a silent obscurity.
Waked up like after a long dream, she's trying to cover her breathtakingly beautiful nakedness with velvety greenery while her small hands of fine silk were softly caressing the tall trees' majestic wooden armor.
- Where am i? Who am i? she whispers afraid to wake up from the reverie. - Lily! You are Lily of the Valley! softly whispers back the Nature.
She smiles, it isn't a dream. Spring arrived and she announce it by gracefully shaking her white bells.


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