Thé Darbouka - L`Orchestre Parfum

“I am perfumer and musician.
My most intense memories were marked by the dialogue between these two arts. These unique moments where music and perfume create a perfect harmony.
I invented L’ORCHESTRE PARFUM to revive these emotions and share them.
Wear a song, listen to a perfume.
I have visited many luthiers ateliers and worked with the finest french craftmen to understand and feel the scent of musical instruments: Essences of guitar wood, trombone brass, kora leather …
Two great Perfumers then combined these essences with the most beautiful perfume notes: Néroli, rose, spices …
Then, 5 talented musicians took the time and care to compose an original song for each perfume 5 luxury fragrances performed in music by 5 virtuosos of all horizons. Our perfumes are designed in Paris and made in Grasse from a 100% natural alcohol. Each bottle has been manualy lacquered by a french artisan.
I consider perfume as an art and believe that the arts must interact together to create new emotions.
It is this handmade work, these hours of creation of craftsmen, perfumers and musicians that made this dream possible.”
Pierre, Founder of L’ORCHESTRE PARFUM (the brand description from the official website

Pierre`s comprehension of the special connection between music and perfume leaded to the conception of a perfect sound and aroma symbiosis that gave birth to L`Orchestre Parfum, a line of 5 fragrances and a sixth on the way (next June): Cuir Kora (kora in the heart of the African Savanah, spices and leather awake in the woods ceremony), Encens Asakusa (a Holy Temple in Tokyo, iris and incense give mystical a new meaning), Flamenco Néroli (the Gardens of the Alcazar Palace, Seville, citruses and woods vibrate together under the touch of a flamenco guitar), Rose Trombone (a Jazz Club in Harlem, where the metallic sound of a trombone meets the clean sharpness of a red rose), Thé Darbouka (inspired by the desert, a dawn in the Sahara) and the soon to be launched Piano Santal (a dream in a piano case followed by an awaking in white linen sheets impregnated with the milky scent of sandalwood).

Thé Darbouka, a fantasy tea scent upon the web's description, has not much to do with the tea`s aroma per se but with the serene ritual of drinking it, in my opinion. Darbouka (Tabla) is an Egyptian goblet drum with a single membranophone head that may be played either while seated, with the head towards the knees while the instrument is placed on the player's lap, or carried under the arm. Its dynamic rhythm catches you in a state of semi-awaking, like in a trace where one can easily lose the reality`s perspective. Fanciful thoughts woven by a liberated mind are slowly infusing with a contemplative clearness. Following Pierre's idea of connecting music to perfume, Thé Darbouka`s concept is to mingle noise with quietude. The first particles spreaded in the air give a feeling of déjà-vu and a clear association with several masculine offerings on the mainstream side. Patience is the key, always. Only a few moments later, as soon as the confusion dissipates, the fragrance starts to contour and to follow certain patterns. Just like a Darbouka`s rhythm - it opens loud and spicy and it grows to become graceful and well rounded. A handful of spices (cardamom, caraway and pepper to my nose) touched by a driblet of licorice (a natural flowering booziness) take over the first minutes of the fragrance marking the territory for the immortelle`s honeish, fruity and tea-like reminiscences to shine throughout the fragrance. In the heart lies a balsamic vanilic sweetness with speckles of cinnamon that gives Thé Darbouka substance especially through the transition to the dry down, where a rich labdanum creates together with the styrax a deep ambery accord with soft leathery nuances resulting in a soothing and delicate blend.

Rhythm and serenity find their utopian connection through Thé Darbouka`s core and provide concreteness to what it could have being another mainstream fragrance disguised in niche if it wasn't for its distinctiveness. 

Disclaimer: i was gifted this bottle at Esxence, in Milano. I was asked to to choose my favorite from the line and i was between Thé Darbouka and Encens Asakusa, and although i like both in the same measure i prefer Thé Darbouka. Thank you, Pierre, for your kindness and generosity. 

A 100ml bottle of L`Orchestre Parfum retails for 140 euro and it can be acquired from their website or trusted retailers. 


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