Hegoa by Teo Cabanel

Lunch atop a Skyscraper. On September 20, 1932 11 construction workers "casually" lunching on a steel beam atop of 30 Rockefeller Plaza hundred of feet above Manhattan during the construction of the Rockefeller Center. Published on the 2nd of October 1932 in the Sunday photo supplement of the New York Herald Tribune, Lunch atop a Skyscraper is a tribute to the hard work of thousands of emigrants manifested in a picture that causes stirring up to the day. A moment in time forever immortalized on the skyline of NYC.

Life is made of these kind of apparently fleeting moments that must be lived with the inversely proportional in intensity to its shortness. Especially the joyful ones that add salt to our time and make us sparkle like a soap bubble under the reflections of a bright sunshine that breaks it into small particles of water contaminating the floor with their radiance.

Hegoa, as its (simple) artistic design bottle suggests it, offers a great feeling of pleasure and happiness metaphorically imagined through the thrilling dance of various dandelion`s parachutes (aks pappus) blown away in the wind. Its ethereal scent is composed as a fizzy green tea accord with citric specks and sheer rose nuances. Hegoa`s tea accord is one of the most beautiful and realistic I've ever smelled - better recreated than the Tea line from Bvlgary in my opinion - a smooth and clear combination of jasmine (hedione), that adds a beautiful floral touch to the composition, with citruses (I'd say the lemon is guilty for that brightness in the beginning and the mandarin for its sweet facets), violet leaf and a drop of hay accentuating on its dry aspects of warm / earthy grass. The transition to the mellow ambery base is lively through a veil of clean musks.
Hegoa`s scent lingers on skin for hours with its softness in quietude and balance providing comfort and serenity to its wearer, like those spots of shadow under a full of leaves tree that offer protection from the cruel Summer`s heat.

Bottle won in Teo Cabanel giveaway, to whom i thank very much for the wonderful communication and service. They were kind enough to send me the sample set before committing to a full bottle, and this was the best way for me to choose the one i truly liked.


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