Once Upon a Time Gods

Are we descendants of the once upon a time gods whose (foolish or) heroic acts amazed millions of us throughout the history of time? Did they managed to angry someone or something to such degree that the functionality of their cerebrum was suddenly reduced to 3-5%? To (only) humans?

Santiago Ramón y Cajal, father of modern neuroscience - based on many aspects of the brain that he studied over the course of five decades - produced over twenty nine hundred drawings that reveal the nervous system, its structure and function, from the individual neurons and their connections to different changes in the brain that may occur during the early childhood or when damaged. The relevancy of his studies hasn't been surpassed in clarity and coherence until the day.

"As long as our brain is a mystery, the universe, the reflection of the structure of the brain, will also be a mystery."

The Beautiful Brain, The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal by Eric A. Newman, Alfonso Araque and Janet M. Dubinsky and the beautiful crafted bottle of Eau Dadette by Santi Burgas. 

And yet, despite his immense contribution to the modern science, not even Santiago Ramón y Cajal could explain how some electrical connections between neurons are interrupted when a person sleeps and the sensory information does not reach the cerebral cortex.

Almost 95% of our brain activity is happening in the subconscious, which activates when the conscious is not in alert or it is relaxed.
Because of the vast amount of information that it holds, the subconscious mind processes, stores and archive data, and it desarchive it whenever an external stimulus interferes with it.
Our complete memory turns on when the rest of the system goes idle.

External impulses may awake information that we weren't even aware it existed before their action. A sound, an image, a touch or a smell can often cause a déjà-vu effect.

Eau Dadette by Santi Burgas has am impact on the "hidden" mind by creating a floating world we are not acquainted with. Something lived with so much intensity was blocked or better said locked into unknown emotions until was found the key to access them. A scent to awake senses.

Tribute to all the unremarked artists (painters, writers, sculptors, etc.) whose work remain unnoticed, Eau Dadette is specially dedicated to Juliette Roche, painter and writer associated with members of Cubist and Dada movements. Far of being a Dadaist experiment, the fragrance belongs to earth in depth, to surrealism in concept, metamorphosing into sweet drops of life-giving rose water macerating raspberries grown from a fluffy cherry pie ground softly spread with powder. Morning clouds reclaim traces of smoke and vanilla meringue in afternoons of lusty woods with green pigments. Imaginary oud rises from traces of woods and animalic musks whose visibility hides shadows of non-binary influences coated in ambiguous forms and shapes of fragrance. Androgynous. 

An inexplicable happiness springing from the familiarity of the unknown like a flashlight in the back of the head searching the source of all in the darkness of our minds. 

Eau Dadette reminds me of a place I've never been to, of a music I've never listen to, of the other i I've never met. So deep, so rich, so meaningful. So many possibilities. So many to. 
And yet, we are only the once upon a time gods. 

(Eau Dadette can be found in a limited to 50 pieces edition on Santi Burgas official website.)


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