The Black Knight Lost in Heaven

February 9th

My love,

Today is dark and rainy as it has been since we set the camp. It seems awful lonely and every noise I hear are horse tacks and fire cracks in the pit. The cold burns to my bones, the blankets don`t help to replace the so missed warmth of your body. Besides battles and death, I can`t think of anything exciting in this lonesome, unfriendly place. I wish I could find a way to tell how much I miss you. I patch my heartbreak with the last kiss I stole from you. Smoke and dirt tried to conceal it from my lips, but no thing could erase the love that puts life in me. The more i`m away from you the more I long for the smell of your powdery skin that stains my thoughts with red petals and screams of pleasure. I tried to not think you, but not even the armor can defend me against something stranger to its coldness. I tried not to write you, but just as loving you, I can`t help it. I sleep every night with your face tatuated in my memory, I think you every minute of the longest days i`ve ever lived. I`m jealous of every hour spend away from you. Tell me, love, do you think as such of me?

Always yours,

                                                       April 2nd 

Amore mio,
 It`s harder with every time you leave. I`ll never learn to stay away from you, I feel half empty. I`m so hungry for your arms and kisses that i`m feeding my crave with the shadows of our memories. I feel like lost in a heaven where you are but you aren`t. My nights overlook secluded dreams, so quiet and scary that I could scream, but your name doesn`t want to leave my lips and I`m drownig in the silence of my tears. Darling, please hurry at me, I feel i`m losing the equilibrium without you and yet, there are times when i don`t have any feeling of carying, since it has been so long living in the absence of your protecting body over mine. Then, the look on your face measuring my bare skin comes back like an echo breaking the mirror of my doubts in pieces that I try desperately to not glue back togheter because of the love I still feel for you. I long for you. 

Notes: Artemisia, Caraway, Honey, Bulgarian Rose, Narcissus, Iris butter, Beeswax, Cederwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Leather, Patchouli.

Notes: Grapefruit, Green Tangerine, Orange Flower Absolute, Jasmin, Ylang Extra, Mimosa, Magnolia, Cumin, Cinnamon, Coriander, Ambergris, Musk, Castoreum, Beeswax, Iris Butter, Ciste Absolute, Opoponax, Heliotrope, Vetyver, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Tonka Bean. 

Lost In Heaven and The Black Knight come together united by Francesca's personal and professional growth. Both combine elements she has us used to and by taking identical pieces of familiar puzzles she cleverly rearrange them to fit and to create a whole new image. Everything makes sense. Both fragrances could easily represent, as personal style, a letter of presentation to Francesca`s work. 
Lost in Heaven is sensual without even trying to. The corruption of the innocence spreads naturally through its dense smell. It was meant as a quiet scent and its loudness makes peace with comfort. Under my Skin is a part of Lost in Heaven, where the first was personal, the latter is seductive and complete, being both, an introverted and an extroverted fragrance. Reminescenses of a quieter Jugle L`Elephant mix with indolic flowers softly covered in a mist of soap with Francesca's special touch of powder and honeyed richness that lift up the fragrance like in a sweet embrace. Spices and herbs were added to evidenciate a warm body odor, so intimate, dirty and gentle. Cinnamon and cumin willingly lose their strength to labdanum and perfectly compenetrate to produce a distinct feeling of darkness. Needless to say that this is my kind of scent - different to what i smell in the air nowadays, but weareble enough to not create confusion around and cozy despite its noisyness. Not exactly a road to heaven, more of a sweet temptation.

The Black Knight. Ah, this is another story. A Tale of a Lover`s mild soul protected by an armor of steel. A knight - a tough man, a warrior, a killer - who's heart is full of love and his mind too afraid to showcase its weakness. A huge dose of vetiver, like a pungent breath, penetrates the air with its "masculinity" riding a sweaty saddle on the back of a black horse. Dominant. Smoked. Its woodiness impose on leather and animalic mumblings. Love found a way to crawl under his skin and through his heart on stairs spreaded with roses and sweet powder. He's lost in a heaven that burns like hell his cold heart. Beautiful take on vetiver in Francesca`s own way. 

(Lost in Heaven and The Black Knight will be available starting in October on Francesca Bianchi Perfumes website. Officially introduced at Pitti in Florence on September the 13th. Samples gifted by the brand. Opinions my own.)


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