Bat it

Do you love the smell of air after a storm? Geosmin is an organic compound created by a bacteria - microorganisms, respectively the streptomyces family, that live in the soil or decaying matter, most of them being used in our antibiotics - and it contributes to what many know as pentrichor (created when the rain drops make contact with the ground). This muddy, earthy and wet smelling like compound can contaminate wine, freshwater fish or beetroot.

The human nose is extremely sensitive to Geosmin - its pungency can be detected in the smallest concentrations.
The synthetic recreations found in fragrances is usually a dilution of less than 1%, which trust me, after testing it is a lot!

Strong, powerful and in your face.

Bat by Zoologist was launched in 2015 and discontinued this year`s Summer. It is supposed to contain the greatest amount of Geosmin on the market and it's something so obvious that it can't be denied. Bat is moldy, damp and a bit scary in terms of "beast jumping on the skin". A huge dose of sharp wet earth comes out from the first sprayed particles backed-up by an over ripped banana that in this case is not sweet, starchy nor floral smelling as it usually is represented in fragrances. It's rotten. Decay and unventilated space-like smell arises from the deepest bringing out leather and musk in form of both, animal`s unwashed fur and civet`s pissy, sweet aromatic odor without extra indols added to the combination.
A fragrance to be feared or adored, Bat is constantly haunting for flesh like a living cave staring at its wearer, scared and undecided to run away... or stay and tame the creature.


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