Just a smile and a hello

Are you familiar with the satisfaction that comes out of an altruistic gesture towards someone you don't know?
I used to get a strange feeling every morning leaving the house for work. Don't get me wrong, i love my job, but for whatsoever reason changing the safeness of my home for the tumultuous outside was having a negative effect on my inside. Despite my attempts to calm my heart down, i was failing every time while aiming to derive my attention to someone's shoes, coat, book or even a smell that metamorphosed me into a futuristic Hercule Poirot trying my best to investigate and identify where the aromas of woods, flowers, ambroxan, food or sweat where coming from. My anxiety seemed to have no cure. Until one day, one of those days when our one minute metro wait looked like eternal, when a stranger passed by and threw me a smile followed by a confident hello. I looked behind my shoulder to see who the remitee was, but i was the only one sitting on that spot. I said nothing, not even smiled back. He was a stranger afterwards. Just like everyone else. The second day after the "incident" i left my house with the same state of runaway-mind and stopped on the platform waiting 2 interminable minutes for the train to arrive. Same man, same suit, passed by smiling and saying hello, again. This time i looked at him and i smiled. He was still a stranger. On the third day i left the house calmer, i didn't noticed the 4 minutes wait or maybe i didn't gave it any kind of importance. The man smiled and said hello. I smiled and answered his salute. We kept this kind of weird routine for over a month. I  was leaving the house happier and more relaxed. I realized it was the perspective of low heads and almost muted communication that i was lost in. That was where my sorrow was arising from. From silence and indifference.
My stranger disappeared after a while. No more  smiles and hellos kindly thrown at me in the morning. I wasn't going to allow my initial state to resurrect from its hibernation, so the next day after the stranger took away my smiles and my hellos i decided to gift them to someone else. To someone, whom maybe, just like me, left his/her home with a strange feeling of desolation and was a smile away from feeling better.
Eau des Merveilles by Hermès envolves the whole you in a second-skin like aura like the shape of a stranger saying hello. Its familiarity feels more intimate that you'd like to, but at the same it never crosses any kind of boundaries. Eau des Merveilles's sunny fragrance makes winter shy away with its friendliness. Oranges drifting on salty waves of an ambery sea. Warm, without getting cozy. Happy with no-jumping around dance. It's the kind of fragrance that makes sure you know it's there and it doesn't insist on it, like a quiet friend that always knows how to make you feel better.


  1. Hello! :)

    I loved your story. Keep paying it forward! I'm a big believer in increasing good in the Universe.

    Oh, and you smell great.

    1. Thank you! I believe in karma (or whatever its name) as well. I'll definitely spread the smiles and hellos in the Universe... If it was up to me I'd add a hug as well 🙂.


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