Narcis, the old song

Like a song or a story i used to love listening in my childhood, over and over again and unaware of weariness, Narcis rises through the skin longing for the old days as mirroring the present, allegorical of an ephemeral Summer love that was eternally locked in the deepest of the heart and it keeps repeating with every beat never succumbing to ennui nor despair.
Hues of jonquil absolute, tuberose, iris root and a few indoles sprinkled with a soft chypre accord, delightfully composed with oakmoss, labdanum, musks and maybe a hint of coumarin - that gives a sweet hay and roasted almondy aroma to the composition, tastefully blended with beeswax that brings out its honeyish, slightly animalic character that lead to one of the most contrasting Narcissus creations. As a preface of a lifetime of moments that run swiftly like a cloud of steam dissipating in front of your eyes leaving room for the clearness to shine through, Narcis' multilayers surprise as they slowly unfold their complexity on its wearer flesh... like a song or a story I'd love to listen to repeatedly.

Narcis was a limited edition especially created by Hans Hendley for his Laboratory Series. 


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