Dive slow

"1 kilo of absolute is obtained from 100 kilos of beeswax. Its smell is honey-like with suble chocolate, fruity and floral touches. It mixes well with floral notes and tobacco." Le Grand Livre du Parfum.

Slowdive by Hiram Green is everything my childhood smelled like and while i do love its scent, it's all about the feeling i get when i wear it.

It all started with...
My fear for the hives' residents that my grandfather proudly "displayed" in our back garden. I strongly believed that it was a cruel form of punishment towards my tiny person. It wasn't. It was love. It took me a while to pull off all of the courage one needs and go outside, protected by my super sting proof bee suit, and understand it was actually an introduction to life itself. It took even longer to take off that awful suit (formerly known as shielded white armor) and pick up a bee frame bare hands. I felt empowered. Later i realized how much those tiny insects do for us and nature and i understood that the power lies in them. I got stung so many times i can't even remember, and well deserved, i'm sure. Running through flowers and bees, marking my footsteps into the wet soil felt so liberating! We were friends. I was helping them, they helped us by pollinating and providing honey. It was never an obligation on either side, it was the pleasure of doing things right and the bees were happy - they grew to be more. 

The most memorable moments were the extract of the excess of honey from the frames. It was almost like a ritual - changing the dripping structures with new ones, filling jars with the bees' golden liquid and recycling the beeswax into new bee frames - that my grandfather and me sacredly  respected.
Three fragrances remind of that process and its stages, four now with Gaea by Centauri Perfumes, but each with a different feel from the others: Slowdive by Hiram Green, Sova by Slumberhouse and How You Love by Jazmin Saraï.

Honey and beeswax seem to be both, my weakness and my comfort. Slowdive is dark - like diving in a pool of thick nectar surrounded by white flowers and tobacco blossoms. It's mostly beeswax. That spicy herbal aroma that covers a bee's small body with resins - that we call propolis -, woods, sweet honey nuances and saliva-on-clean-skin traces. The smell of the hive itself transfers gently to the beeswax creating a soft animalic aura around it that reminds of its devoted guardian - the bee. Flowers and fruits emphasize the same qualities the honey has, while the tobacco flower adds lightness to its heavy feel. Its honeyed sweet fruitiness does go on the sugary side but it never feels overbearing or nauseating.
Slowdive takes the natural consisting of many different and connected parts and combines them in, apparently, the simplest way and it serves it on a golden plate with a glow that petrifies. 

I wouldn't be somewhere else.


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