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Someday, after Chaos opened wide.

-  Mother?
Her dark eyes measured the last hope they had - her youngest son. Chromos has to accept her plan. She went through the worse to liberate him. Oh, he loved power, and the power loved him back.
- My dear son, come closer. Her hand meet his in a warm yet cold touch. The pain was excruciating. I need you to do something for me. For us.
- On the almighty Uranus, I'd do anything for you, mother!
A moment of silence took over her thoughts. How do i tell him? Directly. He's not a boy anymore, he'll soon rule over the world.
- We need to get rid of your father.
His expression suddenly changed to bewildered.
- We are doomed to a prisoned life as long as Uranus has the power. You know that. Your brothers are tormented, says, looking at her womb, i can't endure more pain than already have.
Chromos was confused.
Would he dare to expose me to Uranus? He knows what's best for him. He won't.
- Alright. I'll do it. Tell me how.

Gaia (Gaea), daughter of Chaos, primordial goddness of Greek mythology. Mother of all. Creator of Earth and Universe.
She created Uranus - the sky, Pontus - the sea and Ourea - the mountains.
Uranus started to reign over the Earth and rule Gaia with whom had countless children - Titans, Giants and Hecacatonchires. Afraid he'll be dethroned by his descendants, Uranus trapped all of his powerful children inside Gaia, causing her an immense pain. After years of tyranny and agony, Gaia freed Chromos, her youngest son, and plot a plan against Uranus. After Chromos castrated his father with a stone sickle made by Gaia and threw his genitals into the Ocean, not before Uranus cursed him with the same faith as his - to die by the hands of his descendants, he takes over the world with Goddess Rae by his side. Afraid his father's words might come true, Chromos swallows every child Rae gives birth to, except Zeus, which by Rae's mercy grows on earth until adulthood when decides to rise against his father, deceiving Chromos into drinking a miraculous nectar that causes him to regurgitate his other children. Gaia conspires against Zeus instigating a clash between Gods and Titans.
Togheter with his brothers, Zeus fights Chromos and the Titans in a ten years war, known as Titanomachy, and wins. Gaia surrenders to the peace, after fighting back with Typhon, and the new cosmic order provided by the Olympians and over time gains people's worship and admiration. Mother Goddess, Mother Earth,  Terra. Creator of all.              
Millennial Gaia Mother Earth Goddess Statue by Oberon Zell 7

Some day in an 80s Spring.

- Grandma! Grandma!
Her smile anticipated her granddaughter's small figure on to the big green door. Grandma, here you are! She grabs her grandmother's neck into the warmest hugs. Nana loved her girl more than anyone else in the world. The light of her eyes.
- Where have you been?
- In the garden.
Those tiny feet covered in mud gave her away anyway.
- Have you bothered the bees again? I hope not, we've talked about it.
- No grandma, i haven't. Do you remember last night's story?
- The one about Gaea?
- Yes. I went to look for her. To talk to her.
- To talk to her? Oh, sweet child, I'm afraid Gaea is too busy to talk to us!
- But she did talked to me! She took my hand into hers and showed me who she really is. First, she took me to the beehives.
- I hope you didn't get stung again, darling.
- No, grandma, don't worry, i didn't. Gaea showed me how to treat the bees. I learned to be gentle and to show them love, and they let me taste their honey, the pure honey - the sweet and herbal tea-like one. Then she took me through the garden to smell the flowers - tuberose, lavender, soft roses and heliotrope. I had to go in to the wet soil, I'm sorry, i promise I'll clean up my feet. Gaea also helped me to go way up high into the apple tree to see her new blue sky.
- You could have harmed yourself!
- No, grandma, Gaea hold my hand all the time. She lookes after us, you know? Now, can i, please, finish my story?
- Yes, of course. I'm sorry, darling, I'm just worried you could fall out of the tree.
- But i didn't. Gaea introduced me to all the trees in the orchard - i was very pleased to eat a green apple and an apricot they gifted me. For last, she told me to lie on the ground, next to where grandfather's delicious strawberries grow, and feel her pulse. And i felt it, grandma! I felt her heart beat, her infinite love towards us. 
Grandma took her hands and gave them a kiss. A wave of honeyed floral scent and fresh soil overtook her nostrils. Vegetal and minty tonalities mixed with those tiny hands' play doh aroma playing around  subtle whiffs of an apple's greenness and the sweet juiciness of ripe strawberry.
- This is Gaea, darling. Mother Earth, Mother of All. Our Mother.


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