Voleur des smiles, Mimosa Gold by Exaltatum

 The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. It is a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma, with internal convective motion that generates a magnetic field via a dynamo process. It is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth. (Source: Wikipedia.)

  Spring is my time of year, i was born belonging to its beautiful rise. I'm not person without sunshine, it does to me what coffee to others - it springs me to life. To awakening. Everything starts to bloom, to shine, to smile, to live.

  When can't go out to enjoy the sun, a fragrance that makes our day shine is the best alternative in times of quarantine, like a candlelight in the darkness - light for days in an obscurity we never thought we'd know. 

  Not thought-provoking fragrance, Mimosa Gold is, in apparence, a simple composition that offers a complex range of emotions. A battery that keeps the levels of our positivity on +. 

Mimosa, in the air of Spring, spreads warm and powdery particles, tickling the nostrils with its yellow pollen as soft feathers. 

Mimosa concrete, in change, has very little to do with the smell of the flower in nature, its tonalities are waxy, as in beewax, and sweet/powdery recalling violets. Mimosa absolute, the one used in perfumery to actually recreate the smell of mimosa - the flower, is obtained from different species of Acacia - Acacia Decurrens (not a mimosa) or from Acacia Farnesiana and, in this case, is called cassia absolute.

  Mimosa Gold is a well-rounded mimosa accord that manages to fase every floral aspect of the yellow pompon. It goes from floral/oily to fruity/sweet with coumarin and bitter almond facets recalling tonka bean and heliotrope. It's green (similar to the lily-of-the-valley and narcissus), herbal - vegetal-like with anis reminiscences - and powdery (ionones) with a bright spicy side that manages to maximize its sun-like vibes.

The soliflore effect Mimosa Gold has is beautifully designed and put together. The artistry of the blend is undeniable and its feeling of plenitude steals a corner-of-the-lips to corner-of-the-eye smile with an elegance that shines. 

  You are a day, I am a sun,
I am a butterfly, you are a flower,
I am a temple, you are a god -
my beloved.

  You are a king, I am a queen,
I am a chaos, all a light,
I am a wind-blown harp -
You are a song.

                                  Mihai Eminescu, Replies.

(As always, thoughts and opinions belong to me. You can find the Exaltatum line here.) 


  1. Great article, Ana! I am fascinated by the natural smell of Mimosa!

    1. Thank you, Tereza! I had no idea i was a mimosa kind of gal until i discovered it in Violette à Sydney by Laura Tonatto and in some of Francesca Bianchi`s fragrances, but while in those is shadowed by the other notes, in Mimosa Gold it shines as a soliflore and all the other notes contribute to enhance its qualities.


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