Young Hearts

Miguel Matos' career as a perfumer is flourishing with a style of perfume making in between experimental and vintage-inspired. I respect most of his work - some are made to be admired from afar and others from inside-out (Fado Jasmin did this to me). Recently he's been named Creative Director for Acampora Profumi, brand with which he collaborated on several creations. Young Hearts is one of them.

Young Hearts with an old soul, I'd add, because he gave a youthful appearance to fragrance that the 60s wore with pride. A chypre in its full glory in a time that screams for originality. Young Hearts is vintage, it suits well the Acampora line, and it serves green on a contemporary plate. Galbanum, pine and the leather-undertones of a saffron enriched with a touch of castoreum, all together unified by the smell of viridescent vegetation. Its greenness is deep, it's thick and it's rich in texture. The rose adds a subdued sweetness and lemony-touches that complements perfectly with the balsamic and aromatic quality of the fir absolute.

Despite its classical composition, Young Hearts does make one feel youthful.

Miguel Matos is evolving in response to the lack of new on the actual perfume market. He'll always have my share of constructive criticism when needed, as well as my support when deserved.


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