In an era of un-arty, tacky-simplicity and sugar-coated spreading at the corner of every street, finding a fragrance that captivates with its nuances and doesn't lack creativity might be a difficult task. We need fragrances to surprise us, fragrances whose complexity, even in an uncomplicated way, create an expansion of our (know) perfume universe and haunt us in a continuous growing pleasure for smell. 

Many creators nowadays, in the indie field especially, seek inspiration from vintages/the golden era, when fragrance used to be seen more as progressive art, where perfumers were encouraged by the high level of talent to be creative and think outside the box and their genius was directly reflected into their work and not lost in numbers marked by the industry. 

In my opinion, Francesca Bianchi thinks outside the game with her line, because she doesn't play safe and easy. Her creations might result hard to digest by some, but no one can deny her ability to create over the same base a different fragrance each time she introduce the market with a new one. As children born from the same mother, Francesca's fragrances share the same genetic-code, but each has its distinctive qualities. Each resemble the others in certain portions, but it ends up having its own personality. 

Tyger Tyger is a dramatic feline that purrs flirtatious under the skin. It clearly handles an intimate language that cuts distances and creates harmony around with its classic style. It's beauty and light exposed to darkness, and where many see and understand duality, i see continuity. 

The two central pieces connect, complement and complete themselves giving rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. On one side, the white floral bouquet, radiantly dominated by neroli, creates an effusive greeting to a honeyed, mature and lush peach. The flower's narcotic grace infuses into the sweet fruitiness naturally, unaltered, as it belong together. The other side, the chypre accord, knitted around sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss, conjures up Francesca's sparkle of velvety powder and bitter suede. Francesca owns a particular skill of combining seemingly opposite elements, that are actually complementary, by showing all of their shades separately and the cumulative effect of overprinting them. Facets of Under my Skin, Cuir Soyeux, Lost Heaven and The Lover's Tale reflect on Tyger Tyger's beauty and, interdependent of each one, it contribute to build its singular character. The transition from bright to demure darkness is smooth and, along with the complex soft leather / powdery orris / oily accord - Francesca's style stamp - the sensuality of the perfume becomes boundless. 

To know it is to love it. 

                                                                                           “Tyger Tyger, burning bright,

                                                                                             In the forests of the night;

                                                                                            What immortal hand or eye,

                                                                                            Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

                                                                                                                           William Blake


  1. En castellano no lo tienes publicado? Gracias

  2. Buenos días, Sonia. Ante todo, discúlpame que haya tardado tanto tiempo en responderte, acabo de ver tu comentario. En cuanto a tu pregunta, el artículo lo he publicado solo en inglés, pero la website dispone de Google Translate para ayudar a todo el mundo con la traducción cuando publico en inglés y al revés, para los hablantes de inglés cuando publico en castellano. Prefiero publicar en el idioma que me inspira escribir porque creo la traducción no haría justicia al texto original, ni transmitiría el sentimiento que pongo en cada palabra.


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