First firsts

 As adults we think that aren't many "firsts" left for us, but truth to be told is that the possibilities for us to experience something for the first time are endless. There will always be a first time to listen to a song or to read a book, to admire an art object, meet someone, to eat, to fell in love, to cry or to laugh. We (still) experience our first pandemic. The first time in hundreds of years the earth was silent, its streets were empty and the nature "breathe" in absence of our harmful behavior. The first time we couldn't reach outside, see our dear ones, hug each others, walk under the bluest of the skies and its starry nights. It was our (first) (last) chance to be better, to make it better. There was the first time in 50 years that Madrid was covered in white. It was my first step on virgin snow in a city i call home for over 15 years. 

  There are and will be so many firsts to make our lives happier, brighter, easier, but we have the responsibility to take the first step into the process, because everything happening in this beautiful world of ours  deserves witnesses. 

  I've experienced a first with Nanshe, although its scent evokes a déjà-vu feel, it's definitely not something I've been close to in this lifetime, at least that i recall of. Its scent belongs to an another world that is not ours, mine, to remember. Its register is equally as alienesque as Eden's from Cacharel. 

  Rose water, spices soaked in milk and woods and dried roots of once iris. Nanshe is 98% red, 85.5% green and 86.7% blue or what in a RGB color space is called Pale Pink, the same color as the one of its bottle, wisely chosen to fit the scent. 

  Breeze from a sea that finds its end in dunes of sand, leaving behind traces of muted waters and spices that melt into each others and into infinite, in a game that was played before by different rules. Cardamom is melting softly into warm milk, crushed up to its core by thousand of particles of lactones bathing fine threads of saffron that elevate into vapors of leather. Undefined fruits spread their fructose over powder, musk and sheer water rose, creating a sweet fluff around oneself. Crisp woods and an altered patchouli woven with camphoraceous threads and dressed off of its rotten and earthy qualities, set the frame for the picture the other materials put together. 

Nanshe feels mature in an ageless way. It translate into a body moving through time with enough energy to make statement of an optimistic youthfulness, but with enough exuberance to mark an unfamiliar vintage style by trying to stay physically intact in time, living and reliving first "firsts," into eternity. 


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