Lily Mon 1er

Picture by Someus Christopher

Romantic is defined as amorous, passionate, visionary, utopian, fantasist or dreamer, as opposite to realistic or down to earth. I've always included myself in the latter category, although I'm a dreamer most of the time. 

My first experience with Lily Mon 1er was the illusion of solitude on a beach, cuddling into my grandma's arms. A time of quietude and peace only disturbed by waves shattered on the shore and sunrays tickling our faces. Her fingers playing with my hair, feeding my being with the force of life. Those are the shoulders that I stand on. 
I reach up for a stone. A stone among a million others. It's still a stone, but it will preserve this precise moment for as long as I'll hold on to it. It's one of those memories I never had the chance to live, its unreality is now archived in my romantic-dedicated files. 

 Liliana's wistful and delicate creation, characterized by an effortless elegance, smells like a woman from another time, another era, a woman ahead of her time. The fragrance owns the sense and sensibility of a ballet dancer, as cumulative to their strength and ethereal presence.  

Lily Mon 1er is a floral accord with a springtime delicacy and magic twists that oscilante between the dewy freshness of peonies and roses in crisp mornings and the richness of creamy woods and tonka beans sprinkled with musks and rice-powder-coated iris. Temperately sweet and aqueous, mild and green, powdery and fresh, Lily is a rather classical piece of work. All of its elements are perfectly calibrated among them, creating an olfactory aura of solitude. There are no systematic errors in Lily's composition, each component seems to balance organically through a warm and well-defined round structure with faint evolution. A sphere of intimacy. Of being by yourself, isolated from the rest of the world, reliving all the loves that crossed your heart. Lily Mon 1er is a creation of contrasting feelings - happiness and melancholy -, with a serene and evocative fragrance, rather than overly intellectual, but there is a dark timbre to it as well, despite of its purity. 

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” ― Rumi

Review based on a bottle of Lily Mon 1er gifted by the brand at Esxence, in Milano. Opinions and emotions are my own. Lily can be found at Liliana Deschamps.


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