It's easy to launch a fragrance that speaks a language for everyone's understanding, but to create a fragrance with a certain level of complexity and a special print that everyone would find enjoyable, it's like speaking all the languages in the world for universal understanding. Francesca made it simple and gave the word another meaning. Simple in Francesca's tongue is complicated in the others'.

 Libertine Neroli is in between not being recognizable as a Bianchi and a statement of the self-taught perfumer' identity. Ghosted by Francesca's signature, Libertine Neroli flashes out its retro neroli and oakmoss accords with the typical Italian nonchalance of dolce farniente.


Dressed equally in the characteristics of the classic masculine fragrances and the modern salty-woody musks, Libertine Neroli's fresh structure, reinforced by the dryness of oakmoss, is wrapped in warm veils of musky woods. 

The neroli - sparkling and soapy, floral and green - is complemented in a natural harmony by a see-through obscure ring (because it wouldn't be a Bianchi without it, right?) with hints of animalic - leathery and musky -, bitter greens, salt and woods, hitting at wet skin sun drying on stones partly covered in lichens. 

Don't look for the poetry, color prints or the shocking orris-leathers that distinguish Bianchi's compositions, just enjoy the details and richness captured and preserved in Libertine Neroli. The fragrance is very easy to wear, perfect as an everyday perfume, but it’s also nuanced enough to be special.


  1. I don’t need to look for poetry, as I have already found it in your words, Ana!

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