Brume by Miskeo Parfums

Brume is new to my olfactory system, I haven't found any other fragrance in my archives to compare it to. It wasn't necessarily its uniqueness that made me like it from the first time we introduced ourselves. It's surprising and clear, and, despite suggesting an atmospheric occurrence, it's not an ambience fragrance, it's a skin lover and it retains its own microclimate. Brume feels equally humid, mineral, salty, green and foggy, as its name implies; neither nuances are eclipsing the others.

The fog per se is odorless, it's made of water droplets that absorb chemicals from the air around and it ends up smelling as the surroundings where it forms - forest, earth, ocean, dry leaves, animal matter, asphalt, smoke. 

In Brume, the fog develops inside of a greenhouse next to the ocean, giving the feeling that freshly salted water droplets, squashed under the pressure and transformed into drizzle, which, unlike the clean and refreshing smell of rain, it adds more humidity and iodine to the atmosphere and it slowly releases all kinds of nuances of green, shape-shifting from painty to mossy and woody-herbal to terpenic and to aromatic/minty/citrusy (the green/lemony/slightly spicy and aromatic to minty nuances the geranium leaves and the basil share), that later are overtaken by hushed molecules stirred up by earthy-musty whiff of wetness the geosmin leaves behind, feeling almost ethereal.

I believe the guilt for the ozonic-aldehydic scent belongs to Aldolone, which is weaker and less diffusive than Calone and it doesn't have the strong marine/oyster facets the latter has. It's like a bowl full of salty water, housing melon and cucumber seeds, wrapped in plastic and left to the cool mineral air to decrease its intensity.

Brume doesn't follow a trend, it doesn't echo any other fragrances I've smelled before, it's an uniform smell that captures all the senses and consumes attention, causing immediate comfort. It's felt, seen, smelled, heard and it's flavored. It wakes up a 5D sense of reality.


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