Almost everyone in the community talks about discontinuity, but how about continuity? Samsara has been around for over several decades and even though it was received with a certain reticence at its launch time, due to its oddity, it's a statement for presence through absence - it appears and it fills the room before its wearer does. Samsara was a grand departure from what Guerlain had launched until the date and it made a spectacular exit for the 80s bombastic-bold-rich fragrances. 

Far from being pretty, romantic or spiritual (made for a "woman who conveys harmony and spirituality"), Samsara doesn't shy away from intimidating with its seductive character. Based on the jasmine-sandalwood duo as a central piece, the fragrance hasn't lost its opulence over the years, perfumers at Guerlain did their best to preserve Jean-Paul's idea of radiance and sensuality. While the old Samsara contained a considerable amount of Mysore Sandalwood (combined with synthetic sandalwood) and its main characteristic was the creamy woods that surrounded the lush floral bouquet with their sweet and warm muskiness, the newer version offers the same dramatic presence, although differently reflected, as it shows a certain restraint on the floral side while its formula adds more weight on the vanilla and almond accords and on the sharper sandalwood synthetic aroma materials base.

 Despite the evident changes, Samsara's formula is still well-balanced, strong and opulent.


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