Good perfumery

 Good perfumery is intended, is sensible and irrational at the same time, is researched and sustainable, cared about and honest, is meant as art. From outside the process of creation, as a consumer, a good perfume must be felt, despite of being impalpable. Felt like a painting one can't take their eyes off, like a glass of wine that with a sip shakes off the taste buds with an orgasmic pleasure, like the freedom of putting the hand outside of a running car's window while the winds slips through the fingers. 

Eglija understood the concept and fully applied it to Exaltatum, not offering only quality and diversity, but also emotions. Each of her fragrances, except one which i didn't fully understood, serve my conception of good perfume making. 

By Serpentine and Riverwalk came out at the same time and although both are inspired by the outdoors, each fulfills a different purpose and shapes different nuances of green. Although, speaking of green, nothing beats up Pergola... That one is my favorite poison.

By Serpentine starts with a consuming burst of hot spices cooled off by a lightly squeezed lemon peel and rounded with a sweet rasp of almond. Not long after that initial impression of intensity the calm settles in, as the pepper merges into a powdery-make-up like accord with a dry-woody side. The collision and later, infusion, of different accords, gives birth to a halo of vegetal muskiness and an extremely subtle tobacco dryness towards the end, when it warms a bit under the arm of patchouli. 

Riverwalk is one those fragrances that are a mood per se... Dark and almost unnatural. Its array of natural nuances sets the backdrops to an unconventional setting - i can imagine a nomad wedding in a quaint creek as the night falls and the lantern lights cut through the darkness. This fragrance is about unborn buds, leaves hidden in hibernated branches and bitter roots grown deep into the dry earth. It creates such an aura of mystery around that gets your head to spin around for the nose to get a whiff after another.

As proven, good perfumery comes in different shapes and colors and we can only admire it temporarily due to its ethereality, in change we can feel its effect for as long as we live.


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