If I had to choose only a phrase to describe Mirabai, I'd say it's a wild flower born out of decay - one that absorbs nutrients from the air and from organic debris left by bees and dead matter and it blooms into a one-in-a lifetime flower.

Mirabai's top comes as a surprise - shocking, opulent and ravishing - it doesn't knock, it directly invites itself in. It's almost intrusive. It's not the calm one would await after reading about its inspiration, it's more like an unexpected two minute dark summer storm that transforms and transitions into something completely different. As a metaphor for pain and loss grown into love.

The first glimpse into Mirabai is of moldy sweetness dominating the woods, spices, florals and everything at its step with its decomposition. Once stripped of that particular dampness, an extremely beautiful honey accord arises from the darkness. It shares Gaea's radiance, but in Mirabai, the accord shines through richer attributes and it lacks the former' sharpness. I remember the specific aroma the all flowers honey has during the colder seasons when, due to the evolving temperatures, its golden nectar naturally crystallizes creating a sugar-like mélange that smells and tastes like an explosion of singular elements offering a spectacle of nuances: acacia's warm-honey tonality, mimosa's dustiness, rose's sweetness supplemented with geranium' lemony-aromatic greenness, jasmine's indols, honeysuckle's gentillesse, grape's grapefruit-spice-neroli aroma, beeswax' tobacco facets, a bee's back - urinous and musky and polen-like -, lily-of-the-valley' greenness, clove's spiciness, a red fruitiness, vegetal-skin and waxy-fattiness. It's thrilling to discover all of these subtleties that are individually encapsulated in a unique accord. Once the honey accord blends into the spices, dominated by cinnamon, and into the muskiness of woods, their journey culminates within the majestic blooming of sandalwood. Or what a dear friend and connaisseur would describe as "wet lovemaking", lactones engraved with exquisite human-like odor and green guava/lime sourness into woods. I could lose myself forever into that loop that connects the heart to the drydown, as its main theme - the love story between the honey accord and the sandalwood - oozes out every pore of my skin thanks to the connections that my brain established a long time ago with my heart by archiving any endearing memory related to the bees.

There's no trace of crippling in this fragrance, despite its consuming intro. Mirabai is essential to prove Peter's personal grasp for spirituality and love and it fully reflects his courage to express himself from inside and out and become vulnerable throughout the whole process of creation and later, during the olfactive experience that Mirabai has to offer.


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