Womanity startled the world of perfumery when it was released. Mugler has always been a visionary in the fashion field and translated his creativity also into the fragrances created under his name, successfully impacting though their uniqueness.

Womanity was something that felt so different and removed from what was in vogue at the time. Still, until the day, people love it or hate it.

Short story, Womanity is caviar served on fig leaves.

The long one is that I'm fascinated by all of this array of accords created to make its story come to life, from the solar freshness of ocean's breeze tangled into salty hair to metallic sourness stuck in the memory of a juicy fig dipping on the corner of kissed by the sun lips. 

Never too dense, never too simple, it always whispers to stretch your imagination as far as you can and just run with it.


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