Épices by Miskeo Parfums

 An ode... To the classic masculine (scratch the latter) worn-by-anyone fragrances.

Épices by Miskeo Parfums didn't catch my nose from the beginning. It filtered into my quotidian rituals the day i wore it on one of the most tranquil hikes i ever had. Maybe it was the forest that pulled out and accentuated its woodiness and displayed it before my eyes in a way I haven't se(e)n.sed it before. 

Or it might have been the blue sky or the peacefulness of my mind that placed and associated that image with Épices in my head. Whatever it was, It did the trick and the click.  

It could pass undisguised as a fougère although it is mostly a woody fragrance gallivanting grounds of spices and resins. Characterized by a fresh scent, in the context of bitter and cold, and giving a slightly terpenic feel in its first minutes, rendered to my nose as verbena with its lemony and grassy tonalities, the fragrance bathes its coolness in the warmth of resins and the dry-inkness of oakmoss. It's just as accessible as a nap on the forest’s floor while in the village’s church the best incense is being burnt... If that sounds accesible.

Épices is composed with the subtlety and grace that characterize Marie's style of perfume making and fits in perfect harmony in Miskeo's range. Marie hammers down the walls of restrictions and prohibitions and manages to construct a classic with contemporary molecules. It's the kiss in the cheek given to the modern perfumery by its predecessor. 

The fragrance isn't a mind stretcher, it has an introspective and well grounded composition, one has to surrender to the joie de vivre its ride provides.


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