Romanza and that's it

 As i was going through my sample stash today, looking to try something new, i instinctively went for Romanza. An old pal. We have known each other for 7 years, more or less, and it must be my most used perfume in "sample" form. I've been through at least 10 samples and every time i finish one i think to myself, "hm, i should get a bottle!". Then i get lost in priorities and forget. I need a bottle of it. Romanza is a feather in Canali's cap. It glows with the shine of yesterday's fragrances - it owns that je ne sais quoi the classics had. It's one of the most interesting modern florals I've smelled. I could have said beautiful, magnificent, sublime, because it is that too, but it has me at arousing curiosity and thought-provoking. I feel like Lady Chatterley's lover, sneak-peeking her nudity, trying to mentally retain each detail that forms the whole. From the moment she betrays innocence with corruption and lust. 

Romanza's development follows analogously the same path, departing from a narrow patch, that shies away from the noise, and landing on a meadow sinfully drowned in its own grass and flowers, buzzing with life. It feels alive.

Narcissus leaves an unforgettable imprint of haze and dry and green grass entangled in indols. Thin threads of beeswax hang their extraordinary subtleties from the viridescent-smelling flowers and feed their anther with sweetness while connected to their roots. Warm earthliness. And bees' behinds bathing in the sun. Decadence.

Slipping into a field of narcissus to disrobe the resins my body carried all along. That's how wearing Romanza feels like.


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